• The role of angle valve and production process
    Aug 11, 2021

    The role of angle valve and production process

    The angle valve is an angle stop valve. The angle valve is similar to the ball valve, and its structure and characteristics are modified from the ball valve. The difference with the ball valve is that the outlet of the angle valve is at a right angle of 90 degrees to the inlet。 1.Usage The angle valve has four main functions: 1. Transfer inside and outside water outlets 2. The water pressure is too high, you can adjust it on the triangle valve, turn it down a little 3. The function of the switch, if the faucet leaks, etc., the triangle valve can be turned off instead of the main valve in the house. 4. Decoration 2.Industrial usage The valve body of the angle valve has three ports: water inlet, water volume control port, and water outlet, so it is called triangle valve. Of course, the angle valve is constantly improving. Although there are still three ports, there are also angle valves that are not angled. the angle control valve is similar to the straight-through single-seat control valve except that the valve body is a right angle. 3.Features 1.The flow path is simple, the dead zone and the vortex zone are small. With the help of the scouring effect of the medium itself, it can effectively prevent the medium from clogging, that is, it has better self-cleaning performance. 2.The flow resistance is small, and the flow coefficient is larger than that of a single-seat valve, which is equivalent to the flow coefficient of a double-seat valve 4.Production Process Raw material (copper, steel, etc.) → cut according to the amount of material used → high temperature forging → machining → polishing treatment → electroplating → assembly
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  • How to choose shower sets for your bathroom.
    Jul 13, 2021

    How to choose shower sets for your bathroom.

    Check the plating quality The quality of the electroplating layer of the shower head determines its appearance and longevity.Shower with good quality has multi-layer electroplating, the outer surface is flat and smooth, and the lines are beautiful, also it will not rust after many years of use. Showers with poor quality are dull in appearance, and some may be brighter, but the electroplating layer is thinner then the good one, and corrosion will appear after a period of use, which affects the appearance, and the rust is not good for our healthy. When choosing a shower, it is best to check the authoritative test report if it passed, so that the quality can be assured. Check the materials The main raw materials of shower heads are brass, alloys, etc. Of course, brass is the most good quality. However, the quality of brass are also different. The brass with high content has high hardness, less impurities, and is not easy to crack. Inferior brass has a relatively high content of other metals and many impurities, which may contain lead, it will do harmful to our body healthy. At present, there are several grades of brass, such as H38, H59, H62, etc. H62 copper has the best quality, strong corrosion resistance, strong and durable quality; H38 is the most poor quality, which contains less copper and more easier corroded, and the durable is low. When buying a shower, you can ask which grade of brass material it has. Shower spout The quality of the shower nozzle is also related to its service life. High-quality shower spouts always use high-quality silica gel as raw materials, which are environmentally friendly and healthy, not easy to block, and also more easier to clean. For poor-quality showers, the spout is made of ordinary plastic. The material is relatively hard, and it is easy to form scale, clogging the water outlet, the water is not smooth, and it is hard to clean. It will has an impact on health. Pay attention to the cartridge The cartridge is the heart of the faucet, it is very important. High-quality showers generally use high-strength ceramic valve cores, which have good sealing performance, high wear resistance, and are not easy to leak. Poor quality showers have poor valve core quality, which is prone to aging and wear, poor sealing, and with short service life. After a period of use time, water leakage or the faucet may looseness. When purchasing a shower, you should check and open the faucet and look at the valve core inside, or ask about the certificate of quality appraisal. Shower pipe The shower pipe is the most important part of the shower sets.It should also be paid attention to when choosing. The thicker the wall of the shower pipe has then the better quality and the more durable it is. The general thickness about 0.6~1.0 mm, and the diameter of the shower pipe is about 20-25 mm. In addition, the inner and outer walls of the shower pipe must be smooth, the workmanship need to be meticulous, and also corrosion-resistant, so that the ...
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  • Is brass faucet the best?
    Jun 22, 2021

    Is brass faucet the best?

    Faucets, angle valves, showers, this kind of household water-related hardware, always claim to be all copper. But is all copper really good? This is not necessarily true. At least copper can never avoid rust in use! In order to prevent rust, copper will make some improvements in the material-made of copper-zinc alloy or copper-lead alloy (so all copper ≠ pure copper). If so, its corrosion resistance is still difficult to meet the demand. So we have to make some articles on the surface-electroplating process. The so-called "copper" faucets and other hardware we usually see are all copper that has been alloyed and electroplated. Better than copper is stainless steel. This thing is quite resistant to corrosion, "not rusting" is just its basic ability. And the hardness is high, relatively speaking, the life span is longer. The reason why it is difficult to see stainless steel in water fittings is mainly because its hardness is too high-when processing high-precision products such as faucets, high hardness means high difficulty. Therefore, stainless steel hardware is not absent, but the price is too high and the cost performance is too low. Overall, copper hardware is not the best, but it is the most cost-effective. For home users, copper hardware has been able to meet the demand.
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  • How to choose the basin faucets that we use frequently
    Apr 23, 2021

    How to choose the basin faucets that we use frequently

    Faucets are part of our lives. Today I will share with you how to choose the basin faucets that we use frequently every day. Confirm the existing basin type: (1)Above counter basin, above counter basin needs to choose the corresponding above counter basin faucet; (2)Under-counter basin, under-counter basin faucet needs to choose the corresponding under-counter basin faucet.Such as... In addition to the above two types of basin faucets, there are also wall-mounted basin faucets, 3-hole basin faucets.When buying, you can choose a favorite and suitable faucet according to the decoration style of the bathroom; If you have any interest, pls feel free to contact us. Nicole 0086 152 6032 2993
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  • Finding the right bathroom faucet is easier said than done
    Mar 01, 2021

    Finding the right bathroom faucet is easier said than done

    How to choose the suitable single handle basin hot and cold water faucet 1. Color selection: stainless steel chrome plating is the most common faucet on the market, and there are some uncommon faucets with bright colors. For example, bronze, gold. The stainless steel chrome plating is generally based on the simple style, the bronze color is generally the Chinese style, and the golden faucet is matched with the European style, supporting the luxury of the whole decoration. 2. Model selection: The handles and outlet pipes of the faucet have various shapes, most of which are streamlined. Various straight or curved faucet shapes can be matched with simple style decoration. If you choose a wall-mounted faucet, you must pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall before the faucet is embedded. If the wall is too thin, the spool will not be embedded. Do not remove the plastic protective cover of the valve core easily during pre-embedding, so as to avoid damage to the valve core by cement etc. 3. Size selection: Since the basin is divided into above-counter basin and under-counter basin, in order to match the form of the basin, pay attention to the height of the faucet when choosing the faucet, and try to keep the position of the faucet outlet higher than the height of the basin by about 15 cm.
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  • Do you know how to classify basin faucets
    Feb 02, 2021

    Do you know how to classify basin faucets

    Basin faucets are also indispensable products in the field of faucets, and they are widely used in public places and family toilets. There are not many types of basin faucets, which can be classified according to faucet style and installation method. According to the different ways of faucet installation, they include: sitting basin faucet and hanging basin faucet. To put it simply, the sitting faucet is to directly connect the faucet to the basin, and the outlet is usually aligned with the basin control. This is a relatively common installation method; the characteristic of the hanging faucet is that it is not directly connected to the basin. It is to bury its own pipe in the wall and extend the faucet. This design is more fashionable and suitable for consumers who follow trends.
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  • Finding the right bathroom faucet is easier said than done
    Jan 11, 2021

    Finding the right bathroom faucet is easier said than done

    We're all washing our hands … a lot. And with many spending more time in their homes, high-use rooms get dirty before you can finish cleaning them. In the bathroom, the sink can quickly collect germs, dirt, toothpaste and hair trimmings, getting grimy and gross. A popular feature in kitchen faucets for years has been the pull-down spray wand. This all-in-one innovation is requested for its versatility, extended reach and use in cleaning. A quick spray of cleaner and a rinse with the wand can sanitize and clear off debris, leaving a glistening kitchen sink. Pull-down bathroom faucets could help you to keep the sink beautiful and sanitary by easily clearing away toothpaste, dirt, debris and rinsing cleaning products. No more wiping bathroom sinks – clean as you go with a simple spray.
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  • Why we need to choose high end kitchen faucets?
    Dec 01, 2020

    Why we need to choose high end kitchen faucets?

    A high end/arc kitchen faucet is a special type of kitchen faucet for hard water that has a distinctive arc spout, may be accompanied by a sprayer, and is made of very durable materials that are naturally resistant to the common elements of wear and tear. Hereby we emphasize on the pull out water tap. A boiling-water tap and mixer tap in one, equipped with a flexible pull out hose for hot and cold water. This makes it very easy to rinse the sink clean or wash that one cutting board that is just too big. Therefore, having a luxury kitchen faucet is not only something nice to look at. It can make cleaning your kitchen a pleasure.
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