• How to do with a leaky kitchen faucet? Mar 30 , 2023
    How to do with a leaky kitchen faucet: The faucet leaks, we first have to find the reason, the right medicine. If the outlet is leaking, it is due to the wear of the shaft gasket in the faucet. Use the pliers to loosen the lid and remove the axial insert from the insert and replace it with a new axial insert. Leakage in the bottom of the faucet: if it is leakage in the bottom of the faucet, it is ...
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  • Different types of bathroom taps Mar 21 , 2023
    Wall-mounted bathroom faucets: Wall-mounted sinks and faucets are a common choice for bathrooms because they save space. The name has no hidden meaning, and the tap does stick out of the wall, hanging above the sink or bath tub as one imagined. The benefits of saving space from wall-mounted faucets are obvious, and many of the newer designs also include a stylish, modern look that looks great in t...
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  • How does the sensor faucet work? Mar 15 , 2023
    1. Principle of electromagnetic induction When people are regarded as conductors, when they are in the magnetic field formed by 50Hz alternating current, electromagnetic induction will occur, so the human body will generate an induced current, which reacts on the original electromagnetic field, thereby changing the original current. When this change is received by the circuit, the water will be re...
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  • How the three common faucets work Mar 11 , 2023
    In a traditional tap,the jumper is fastened to a screw,together with a rubber washer.When you turn the tap on,the screw rises lifting the jumper and allowing the water to run out through the spout.When you turn off the tap,the jumper goes down again onto the seat,cutting off the flow of water. In a ball tap,the ball assembly a mental ball with a hole drilled in it, is turn by a handle.When you tur...
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  • How does the bath tub tap transfer switch fail? How does the bath tub tap transfer switch fail? Mar 02 , 2023
    How does the bath tub tap transfer switch fail? First, it may be the water pressure relationship, the water pressure is too small, the pressure switch may not play up, the water pressure is too large, the switch may not press down; Second, there may be impurities stuck in the switch, and the switch can be removed for cleaning.
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  • How to choose a faucet water outlet nozzle Feb 24 , 2023
    The majority of consumers, when buying water nozzle, the first to see whether the water nozzle electroplating surface is shiny and symmetrical, pay attention to whether there is peeling, cracking, burning, dew bottom, peeling, black spots and obvious hemp spots and other defects. Second, pipe thread accuracy is the nozzle and hose or pipe connection, when the choose and buy visual thread surface d...
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  • The history of the development of the faucet. Feb 20 , 2023
    Faucets in Istanbul first appeared in the 16th century, four or five hundred years earlier than Beijing. Before the appearance of the faucet, there was a kind of animal-head-shaped "spout" (my translation is not good) inlaid on the wall of the water supply spring, usually made of stone, and a few made of metal. Plus any controlled long runs. In order to avoid wasting water and solve the increasing...
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  • How about stainless steel faucet? Feb 14 , 2023
    The stainless steel faucet is a kind of faucet produced by the continuous development of technology and craftsmanship in the industry. Its appearance has solved the problem of lead in copper faucets, especially 304 stainless steel, which is recognized as a healthy material and has acid resistance. Alkali, corrosion resistance, environmental protection and other advantages. However, this type of fa...
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  • The production process of the faucet Feb 09 , 2023
    1. The production process of the faucet Sand core forming→sand core inspection→casting copper alloy smelting→chemical composition analysis and inspection→gravity casting→ceramic sand self-inspection→shot blasting and finishing→appearance inspection→pressure test→machining→appearance inspection→pressure test→lead release treatment→ Polishing→appearance inspection→foreign electroplating→appearance i...
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