• What is the lead-free standard for North American Standard faucets? Sep 26 , 2022
    North American Standard Requirements for Faucets (According to ASME A112.18.1-2005/CSA B125.1-05) ASME A112.18.1-2005/CSA B125.1-05 is a standard for faucets recognized and accepted by the United States and Canada. This standard specifies the technical requirements for faucets and their accessories in detail. In summary, the main performance requirements are as follows: 1. Cross-flow (sealing test...
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  • How does the shower faucet work? Sep 13 , 2022
    The working principle of the shower faucet: 1. The shower is pressurized before the hot and cold water enters the mixing valve, so that the water temperature and water pressure and water output of the shower can be stabilized to the greatest extent, and the phenomenon of hot and cold will not appear. 2. The pressurized shower can limit the flow intelligently, and automatically adjust the water inl...
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  • How to fix a faucet? Sep 01 , 2022
    1. Change the axis of the faucet: first of all, when repairing, we must understand the cause of the leakage of the faucet. If the faucet is worn out by the axis pad, then when repairing, we will use pliers to cover the gland... 2. Damage of water stop tape: tighten the faucet or use a wrench to remove the faucet counterclockwise. At this time, you can use tape to roll it up in a clockwise way... 3...
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  • Precautions for buying water inlet hoses. Aug 22 , 2022
    1. Inside the hose is rubber, stainless steel wire or aluminum wire outside, and use copper joints. You can feel the quality of the hose from some appearances. It feels, the grid is discharged messy; 2. If the joint is black or black, it means that the chrome -plated process is not done well; 3. The number of tooth connecting threads should not be less than 3 teeth (too short, it is easy to seal a...
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  • What is the function of the faucet filter? Aug 15 , 2022
    1. Filter and purify water. Filtration is the main function of the faucet filter element, which can completely remove residual chlorine in tap water, and remove sediment, rust, heavy metals, odor, bacteria and various harmful substances in tap water. 2. Adjust the acidity and alkalinity of water quality. Weak alkaline water is the most suitable healthy water for human drinking. The water quality o...
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  • How a faucet aerator works? Aug 08 , 2022
    1. The bubbler is a device installed at the water outlet of the faucet to mix (increase) air when the water is out. The hand feels more comfortable when washing hands, but it is deduced from this - "It can fully mix the water and air flowing through it, reduce the water pressure of the water, and improve the flushing force of the water, thereby effectively reducing water consumption. quantity". Bu...
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  • What are the faucet accessories? How to choose the faucet with confidence? Aug 01 , 2022
    The faucet is one of the necessary sanitary wares for every household, but when there are some minor problems with the faucet, it is not necessary to directly replace the faucet, because sometimes only a certain accessory is damaged. So what are the faucet accessories? How to choose a reliable faucet? 1. What are the faucet accessories? a. Single control valve core It mainly controls the water flo...
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  • Main technical performance requirements of Chinese and European standards for faucets. Jul 25 , 2022
    For faucets sealed with ceramic valve cores, except for the noise requirements, the Chinese standard (GB18145) is the same as the European standard (EN817). The following summarizes the technical requirements of the above two standards for ceramic valve core sealed faucets: 1. Sealing performance: the standard value pressure is 1.6MPa, keep 60S, the valve body has no deformation, no leakage, and t...
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  • Triple faucet - how to pay attention when using triple faucet. Jul 19 , 2022
    Due to the increasing needs of people's daily life, the types of faucets have gradually become diversified. Now the most comprehensive faucet on the market should be the triple faucet. The triple faucet can realize the free control and adjustment of hot and cold water, and also has the function of a sprinkler. Therefore, the triple faucet can also be used in bathroom decoration. So, what should we...
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  • What metal is plated on the surface of the faucet? Jul 11 , 2022
    Generally divided into three types: (1) Copper plating: the ductility of copper is better, It can make the product resistant to thermal shock. (2) Nickel plating: has good corrosion resistance, It can also be plated with pearl nickel on nickel base, Two-color nickel, etc. increase the coating texture. (3) Chrome plating: chrome has high hardness, and the appearance is silver and white. Resistant t...
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