• How to Clean Kitchen Faucets? Jun 05 , 2023
    How to Clean Kitchen Faucets? Steps before cleaning Before starting your cleaning process make sure there are no vessels in the sink. It will create a mess while cleaning and the unwashed dishes smell affect the faucet after cleaning.  Every faucet has its own property and texture. Do check your faucet's user manual for cleaning and maintenance instructions. Proceed according to that Search f...
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  • When Should You Consider Replacing Your Faucet? May 27 , 2023
    When Should You Consider Replacing Your Faucet? 1.Age-old faucet Every type of faucet has its lifetime and warranty after a certain period the faucet needs to be replaced for better performance. Though your faucet worked property on nearing its warranty time check all the interior and exterior parts. Even small damage left untreated would turn the complete faucet fail. 2.Frequent repair You can re...
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  • What are the faucet accessories? May 20 , 2023
    There are accessories for the faucet, what are the accessories for the faucet? 1. The single-control spool mainly controls the water flow of the faucet and is controlled by rotation. Generally, the maximum rotation degree is 90 degrees. Its main component material is copper, 59% of which are lead brass, and a small amount of ceramic chips and O-rings made of silicone. There is also a single-handle...
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  • Shower purchase - 10 major elements to refer to May 13 , 2023
    Shower purchase - 10 major elements to refer to 1. Look at the price: choose the one that fits your budget, this is the premise. 2. See the water mode: The shower water mode determines the user experience to a certain extent. Usually, 2-3 differentiated modes are enough for daily use. The massage + basic water mode can be applied to different scenarios and is chosen by many families. 3. Look at th...
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  • 1 Handle vs 2 Handle Faucet –Which Is Better? Apr 22 , 2023
    1 Handle vs 2 Handle Faucet –Which Is Better? If you’re contemplating choosing between single-handed faucets and double-handled faucets, you’ve landed in the right place. You have to make the choice based on important factors such as weight, style, usage, plumbing requirements, and installation type. Beyond this, you have weigh in the pros and cons of the faucet types before making the f...
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  • Full copper faucet and stainless steel faucet respective advantages. Apr 13 , 2023
    Full copper faucet and stainless steel faucet respective advantages. All copper faucet: at present, all copper faucet can be said to be the most popular choice, because it has a good corrosion resistance, anti-wear, easy to process, antibacterial, long service life and other characteristics. Relatively compared to the price, but also several times cheaper than the stainless steel faucet. Copper ca...
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  • Use and maintenance of electric heating faucet Apr 07 , 2023
    Use and maintenance of electric heating faucet 1: the water outlet must be opened when the water, and the air in the tank is completely discharged to check whether the water is full; 2: the unprecedented must be cut off the power supply 3:During the closed installation, the water inlet room must be open during the heating period When you first open the door, don't point the water to people Electri...
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  • How to do with a leaky kitchen faucet? Mar 30 , 2023
    How to do with a leaky kitchen faucet: The faucet leaks, we first have to find the reason, the right medicine. If the outlet is leaking, it is due to the wear of the shaft gasket in the faucet. Use the pliers to loosen the lid and remove the axial insert from the insert and replace it with a new axial insert. Leakage in the bottom of the faucet: if it is leakage in the bottom of the faucet, it is ...
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  • Different types of bathroom taps Mar 21 , 2023
    Wall-mounted bathroom faucets: Wall-mounted sinks and faucets are a common choice for bathrooms because they save space. The name has no hidden meaning, and the tap does stick out of the wall, hanging above the sink or bath tub as one imagined. The benefits of saving space from wall-mounted faucets are obvious, and many of the newer designs also include a stylish, modern look that looks great in t...
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  • How does the sensor faucet work? Mar 15 , 2023
    1. Principle of electromagnetic induction When people are regarded as conductors, when they are in the magnetic field formed by 50Hz alternating current, electromagnetic induction will occur, so the human body will generate an induced current, which reacts on the original electromagnetic field, thereby changing the original current. When this change is received by the circuit, the water will be re...
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