• How to disassemble the rotary faucet? Jan 11 , 2023
    1. If the hot and cold water faucet is controlled by a main water inlet valve, close the main valve. When the hot and cold water inlet pipes are separated, then close the corresponding two valves. 2. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to open the accessory "01 hot and cold mark (handle fixing screw hole plug)" shown above; 3. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to insert into the hole plug (cold and hot mark h...
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  • How to remove scale from shower head? Jan 03 , 2023
    To remove the scale inside the shower, you only need to poke the hole with a toothpick, then pour clean water and shake it clean. The specific steps are as follows: take a toothpick Locate the blockage above the shower head and get a clean toothpick. pour water Poke a toothpick into these blocked holes, poke the dirt inside, and pour clean water into it from the end of the shower. shake the shower...
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  • How to Replace a Bathroom Floor Drain Dec 26 , 2022
    The bathroom floor drain is broken. What should I do if I want to replace it? Don't worry. We'll teach you to change easily. 1. In fact, it is very simple to remove the old floor drain. The premise is that you need to use a cutting machine to cut the floor tiles, spray some water during the cutting process, and the cut lines will be very straight. 2. After cutting, it is necessary to tap the cut p...
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  • Steps to fix a leaking faucet Dec 19 , 2022
    Steps to fix a leaking faucet 1. Close the water inlet valve In the sailor or small to remove the fixed handle on the main body of the main body. . Some screws are hidden in the metal metal button button. When the button is opened, you will see the handle screw installed on the top. If necessary, use some penetrating grease like WD-40 to loosen the screws. 2. Remove the handle Use large carp plier...
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  • How to use the time delay faucet? How to use the time delay faucet? Dec 12 , 2022
    There are many kinds of delay faucets, including mechanical ones and infrared ones and so on. The characteristics of delay faucets are shut down automatically, hygienic, not limited by water pressure, water saving effect up to 50%. It can be turned on when the hand is close or by pressing the faucet. It can automatically close after you leave, which is convenient and does not cross contamination. ...
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  • Do you know what are the faucet accessories? Dec 05 , 2022
    1. The single-control spool mainly controls the water flow of the faucet and is controlled by rotation. Generally, the maximum rotation degree is 90 degrees.  2. The filter element is mainly used as a special tool for purifying water, and it is used in general faucets.  3. Rubber parts, generally O-rings, mainly play the role of sealing, and there are two types of dynamic sealing and sta...
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  • How to connect universal faucet interface? Nov 28 , 2022
    The universal faucet connector is a connector suitable for all faucets. Connecting the universal faucet connector is generally divided into 4 steps. 1. Put the universal faucet connector on the faucet. 2. Turn the stainless steel soft clip on the universal faucet joint clockwise until it is tightened. 3. Insert the protrusion on the other end of the universal faucet connector into the water pipe c...
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  • What is German ktw certification? Nov 21 , 2022
    KTW (German drinking water industry non-metallic parts testing and testing accreditation) represents the German federal health department drinking water system selection and health assessment authority, it is the laboratory of DVGW in Germany. KTW is a compulsory regulatory authority established in 2003. Suppliers are required to comply with DVGW (German Gas and Water Association) regulation No. W...
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  • How to remove rust from the faucet? Nov 14 , 2022
    If your faucet is made of stainless steel, the so-called stainless steel does not rust, but it is more resistant to rust than iron. Among them, there are nickel-chromium and so on. It is very normal to form a primary battery in the presence of water and produce rust. This layer of rust covers the surface of the faucet to make it dull, and the outside is very unsightly. So how can we remove rust? W...
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  • What is the difference between a kitchen faucet and a basin faucet? Nov 07 , 2022
    The basin faucet has a short outlet. The basin faucet is installed on the washbasin and used for cold water, hot water or a mixture of hot and cold water. The shape of the basin faucet is characterized by its short and low water outlet, which is mainly used for people to clean face and wash clothes. Its structure includes screw lift type, metal ball valve type, Taozi valve core type and so on. A g...
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