Do you know how to classify basin faucets
Feb 02, 2021

Basin faucets are also indispensable products in the field of faucets, and they are widely used in public places and family toilets.

There are not many types of basin faucets, which can be classified according to faucet style and installation method.

According to the different ways of faucet installation, they include: sitting basin faucet and hanging basin faucet. To put it simply, the sitting faucet is to directly connect the faucet to the basin, and the outlet is usually aligned with the basin control. This is a relatively common installation method; the characteristic of the hanging faucet is that it is not directly connected to the basin. It is to bury its own pipe in the wall and extend the faucet. This design is more fashionable and suitable for consumers who follow trends.

hanging basin faucet

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