How to choose faucet cartridges
Sep 17, 2021
 Introduction to the cartridge material

1. Rubber core

Known as the slow-opening valve core, it is mostly used in the spiral opening of the cast iron faucet, and it has been basically eliminated.

2. Ceramic valve core

It is called a quick opening cartridge. It is the new favorite of valve core materials in recent years. The ceramic valve core will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality, and the price is affordable. The service life of a ceramic valve core can generally reach more than 10 years and can withstand high and low temperature changes. However, ceramics cartridges are directly fragile and require higher water quality. In general, the ceramic valve core plays a very good sealing role. Some imported ceramic chips have relatively better sealing performance, stable physical properties, wear resistance and long service life.

2. Roller cartridge

The operation is simple and the hand feels comfortable. The entire valve shaft is integrated, which is easy to install, maintain and replace. Its main feature is wear resistance and aging resistance. However, the roller cartridge is an old-fashioned model, and it has gradually been unable to meet people's pursuit of the cartridge, so the scope of application has also been reduced a lot.

3. Stainless steel ball valve cartridge

It is a relatively new type of valve core material. The stainless steel valve core does not require high water quality and will not be corroded by impurities in the water. It can be used in any area, and there is no need to worry about affecting its life. At the same time, it is easy to disassemble, wash and install, but the price is more expensive.

2. What are the general techniques for selecting cartridges?

First, check whether the faucet is heavy or not. It is also clear that most high-end faucets use brass. The higher the purity of the brass, the better the quality of electroplating and the better the anti-rust function. Therefore, if the faucet is heavy and has a center of gravity, it is a good faucet. Knock on the faucet, a good faucet should be cast brass as a whole, and the brass sound is dull and low. If the knocking sound is relatively crisp, it means that the book faucet may be made of alloy or stainless steel, and the quality is not as good as that of brass.

In addition, the well-made faucet is relatively rounded at the corner joints, the details are very important, there will be no burrs and sharp edges, and the joints between the parts are also very tight, without any The sense of looseness. The valve core plays a very important role in any faucet, and can also judge the quality of the faucet. The valve core not only has high hardness and strong sealing. The switch is light, and the quality and service life are very good.

After reading the cartridge material and purchasing skills introduced to you above, everyone should be clear by now. We suggests that when choosing cartridge products, you will generally choose the one that is very suitable for you. Only in this way can we meet the needs of our use.

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