What certifications are required for faucets to be exported to various countries?
Jun 13, 2022

North American market:

US UPC: Uniform Plumbing Code US unified plumbing, HVAC, sanitary code; or Canada's CUPC for both. Mainly for the water supply and drainage pipe fittings of engineering buildings, indoor ventilation equipment, kitchen equipment, sanitary ware and other products in the bathroom. Mandatory: It is not mandatory, but it has become the practice of entering the North American market, and most products will be certified. Fees: High fees, annual fees are charged every year. The product testing fee is roughly as follows for reference: (metal is about 15,000 yuan, plastic is about 15,000 yuan, the details are different) + application fee (950 US dollars) + registered product catalog entry fee (1445 US dollars) + product evaluation fee (according to The application product is different, about 3,000 US dollars) + factory inspection fee (about 3,000 US dollars) + maintenance fee: (annual fee of about 6,000-7,000 US dollars + annual factory inspection fee of about 3,000 US dollars), can be applied by series. Certification difficulty: material and performance testing requirements are high. US NSF: National Sanitation Foundation US National Sanitation Foundation; mainly for drinking water-related product materials, focusing on materials. It is not mandatory, but it has become the practice to enter the North American market, and most products will be certified. Fees: High fees, annual fees. Certification difficulty: material and performance testing requirements are high. U.S. Watersense: WaterSense® is a program promoted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help consumers identify the most efficient and water-saving plumbing products of its kind on the market, help improve household water efficiency, and achieve The goal of protecting water resources and reducing waste. Not mandatory. Mainly for faucet products. Fee: Test fee: about 5000 RMB/model (series), other certification fees are roughly the same as UPC (excluding NSF assessment)

Canada CSA: Canadian Standards Association Canadian Standards Association. Mainly for 1. Commercial and household appliances, including water heaters, coffee pots,rice cookers, electric fans, heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. 2. Lamps, lighting appliances and lighting products, including fixed lamps, portable lamps, Christmas light strings, holiday lighting, tool lamps, ballasts, energy-saving lamps, etc. 3. Electrical components and connectors, including power plug wires, switches, connectors, terminals, wiring, capacitors, etc. 4. Industrial products, including industrial equipment, mechanical products and equipment spare parts, etc. It is not mandatory, but even if it is not mandatory, manufacturers in many regions use this mark as an important basis for recommending the safety of their products to customers. Electronics, electrical appliances and other products sold in the North American market are required to obtain safety certification. An annual fee is required. European market: UK WRAS: Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. Mainly for: plumbing pipes, faucets, valve parts, rubber products, plastics and other materials that come into contact with water. Not mandatory but customary UK drinking water safety certification. Cost: material test: about 1000-3000 pounds; performance test: about 2000-5000 pounds: can be applied by series. Valid for 5 years. Certification difficulties: 1. Materials are hard to find. 2. The test cycle is long. 3. The data review time is long
French ACS: Academia constiintei de sine French Sanitary Accreditation Agency. The French Ministry of Health (Ministere de la Sante) requires sanitary audits and tests for plumbing and sanitary products entering France to prove that the products do not change the appearance, chemical composition and microbial characteristics of the water. Products involved: 1. Pipe fittings and materials for storing and transporting water: pipe coatings or containers, polyethylene pipes, polypropylene pipes; pipe fittings, PVC, ABS and other materials. 2. Accessories of water delivery network: water pump, water valve, flow meter, instrument. 3. Systems or appliances in contact with water: (such as faucets, pots, showers, shower rooms, etc.). Mandatory, after the product meets the relevant standard requirements, the ACS health certificate can be issued before it can be sold in France through the customs. Cost: approximately EUR 2000 per test and can be applied for in series. Valid for 5 years.
Germany KTW: The testing and experimental approval of non-metallic components in the German drinking water industry, representing the authority of the German federal health department for drinking water system material selection and health assessment, it is the laboratory of the German DVGW. Mainly for drinking water systems and accessories must comply with the DVGW (German Gas and Water Association) regulation W 270 "The spread of microorganisms on non-metallic materials". This standard primarily protects drinking water from contamination by biological impurities. W270 is also currently an executive norm prescribed by law. It is not mandatory. In fact, all drinking water systems and accessories exported to Germany must be certified by KTW. Therefore, if Chinese drinking water systems and accessories want to be exported to Germany, they must pass KTW certification. KTW has been accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the safety certification of drinking water. Cost: KTW: RMB30000-40000/type of material. Valid for 5 years.
German DVGW: German Water and Gas Technology and Science Association, DVGW is the air and water testing department under the German Science and Technology Association, which mainly stipulates German water quality standards. It is mainly aimed at including all products related to water supply and gas supply: plumbing pipes, valves, faucets, nozzles and other products, and gas pipe valve devices, pipes, joints and other products. Not mandatory. Cost: Materials are the same as KTW: RMB30000-40000/model; performance: RMB30000-50000/model; certification fee: RMB4,0000; annual fee: RMB30000, factory inspection fee: about RMB50000 (including travel expenses). Valid for 5 years. Authentication difficulties: 1. High cost 2. Long time 3. Difficult to track.
other areas:
Australian Watermark: WaterMark Certification Scheme water mark certification. WaterMark is a water certification mark in Australia, owned by the Australian Standards Association (Standards Australia Limited formerly referred to as SAA), its standard document ABN 85 087 326 690, SAA is a public and guaranteed organization in Australia. WaterMark is an Australian certification mark for water supply and drainage and plumbing systems. According to the Australian standard, WaterMark itself does not directly issue the WaterMark certificate to the manufacturer, but is certified by an Australian third-party organization on the premise that the applicant's product meets the WaterMARK standard. Not mandatory, but with the WaterMark certification mark, will be accepted across Australia. An annual fee is required every year. Certification difficulty: high cost.
Thailand TISI: The Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) is a national standards organization under the Ministry of Industry. TISI has the right to certify products according to the established Thai standards. The Thai government requires mandatory certification for 60 products in 10 industries, including: agriculture, building materials, consumer goods, electrical appliances and accessories, PVC pipes, medical equipment, LPG In addition to gas containers, surface coatings and vehicles, the certification of other categories of products is voluntary. . Compulsory certification labels, and voluntary certification labels: Thailand implements a TISI certification system that combines compulsory certification and voluntary certification. For products that meet the standards, the TISI logo is allowed to be used. For products that have not yet formulated standards, TISI also implements product registration as a temporary certification method.
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