Analysis of the safety issues of using hot water faucets
Apr 13, 2022
Hot water faucet safety - what is a hot water faucet
The structure of the hot water faucet is very simple, including the faucet body and the water flow control switch. The faucet body is provided with a heating chamber and a control chamber, which are separated by a sealing plate to ensure safety. The control chamber is provided with a heating circuit, and the heating chamber is provided with a heating tube. The power of the heating tube is generally 2-3KW, and the hot water can be heated in 5-10 seconds.

Hot water faucet safety - about the safety of hot water faucets
These products generally have overheating protection, the temperature is between 30-55 degrees, and just like when we take a bath, we slowly adjust the temperature to a suitable state, and it is impossible to adjust the faucet to the maximum temperature as soon as it comes up, so Basically, there is no need to worry about scalding; in addition, the power of electric hot water faucets is generally around 2800-3500 watts, which is much smaller than that of electric water heaters. As long as it is not an old house, the general household line can meet the needs of more than 2.5mm. It is enough, the circuit load is not big.

Many friends are more worried about whether the hot water faucet will conduct electricity. In fact, many hot water faucet products now have a better measure to prevent leakage, that is, "water and electricity isolation". The safety of the hot water faucet also lies in the insulating material. At present, a new type of insulating and heat-conducting material, magnesium oxide powder, is used. It has the characteristics of high density, ultra-fineness, and sufficient filling, so that the electrified heating body can be reliably separated from the outer wall, so that it can be completely separated from the water. Electrical isolation. Moreover, the hot water faucets of big brands have the main body grounding, double anti-dry-burning design and high-sensitivity leakage protection devices.

Of course, consumers should pay attention to the question of whether the hot water faucet is safe: you must buy products that have mandatory 3C certification for national product quality; operate in strict accordance with the instructions; the machine must be connected to an effective ground wire; at home If there is no air switch, it is recommended to use a leakage protection socket.

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