How a faucet aerator works?
August 08 , 2022
1. The bubbler is a device installed at the water outlet of the faucet to mix (increase) air when the water is out. The hand feels more comfortable when washing hands, but it is deduced from this - "It can fully mix the water and air flowing through it, reduce the water pressure of the water, and improve the flushing force of the water, thereby effectively reducing water consumption. quantity". But it is genuinely irresponsible, and extremely irresponsible (hopefully the person making this point is not clearly articulated, or simply misunderstood by us). From the point of view of the fluid continuity principle, the bubbler essentially reduces the jet velocity, the impact force and the impulse of the tap water (it also admits that the outlet water pressure is reduced).

The essence of decontamination and washing is force, and water is only the material carrier for transmitting force. The only way to improve the efficiency of water utilization is to strengthen and improve the impulse and particle impact force of water, while the bubbler can only slow down the flow rate of water and reduce the Large impulse and particle impact of tap water. Therefore, after installing the bubbler, it is absolutely impossible to save water (whether or not to use more water, you can experiment and compare, and draw your own conclusions).

2. The faucet aerator is to change the "pipe flow" of water into "line flow" at the water outlet of the faucet, and then change the "line flow" to "jet flow" through the pressure of air, and then pass the "water separation" to Beat the water well to soften the water. The water is powered by the pressurization of the air, and the flow of the water is reduced without affecting the use. It can reduce water bills, energy consumption and sewage discharge. The water-saving nozzle can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, eliminate the possibility of bacterial breeding, and effectively maintain human health while saving water and energy to protect the environment.

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