How does the shower faucet work?
September 13 , 2022
The working principle of the shower faucet:
1. The shower is pressurized before the hot and cold water enters the mixing valve, so that the water temperature and water pressure and water output of the shower can be stabilized to the greatest extent, and the phenomenon of hot and cold will not appear.
2. The pressurized shower can limit the flow intelligently, and automatically adjust the water inlet area according to the water pressure. When the water pressure is small, the water inlet area is opened and the water volume is balanced, which can not only increase the pressure, but also save water.
3. When the water flow enters the nozzle base, it will be pushed into a three-wing accelerator to make the water flow form a rotating effect to increase the speed and momentum of the water flow. It then goes directly into a restricted water channel, where the air and water mix increases the oxygen content by a factor of 10. This not only achieves the purpose of saving water and energy, but also brings a satisfying bathing experience.

4. There is a device inside the shower head, which presses the air into the shower head. Using the pressure of the air, the water flow can be enhanced under the condition of equal water flow.

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