How to choose a faucet hose connector?
December 25 , 2021

Nowadays, faucets are very common in our lives, because with faucets, we use water is very convenient. In this way, we will not have to fetch water by ourselves as before, but directly turn on the faucet and clear water will come out. The faucet hose connector is a part of the faucet, and its quality affects the daily use of the faucet. So how do we choose in life? How should the faucet hose connector be connected? For these problems, let's follow to understand.

faucet hose connector connection

Tools/Materials Buy a new sink hose wrench Triangle valve raw material with hose faucet hose Method/Steps:

1 Prepare the materials as follows: buy a new sink hose, wrench, triangle valve, raw material tape, hose faucet soft Tube. 2 If the triangle valve at home is rusted out, replace the triangle valve first. Use a wrench to unscrew the old valve. The new valve is best made of copper. This is more durable. You need to wrap a certain number of raw material tape around the thread. You can control how many times you want to wrap. The final goal is to wrap it without water leakage.Then screw on the new copper triangle valve, there are two in total, one for the hot water pipe and the other for the cold water pipe. 3 Now start to connect the faucet hose and faucet correctly.

My faucet is not broken, so I just use this old one. The sequence should be: 1. Put the faucet sleeve directly on the two hoses; 2. Then the hose passes through the faucet socket from below, 3. Then insert the copper connector of the hose into the faucet, and 2 Tighten both of them. Be careful when you screw them, don't use brute force, use clever force. But don't break as shown in the figure below. 4After all these steps are completed, there are the last two steps left, one is to fix the faucet. One is to connect the hot and cold water pipes at the lower triangle valve respectively.

faucet hose
faucet hose joint selection
The hose is made of rubber inside, stainless steel wire or aluminum wire on the outside, and copper joints are used. Consumers can feel the quality of the hose from some appearances, such as squeezing it with their hands to feel whether the hose’s threads are neat and rough, and the grids are arranged in a disorderly manner; if the joints are black or black , Indicating that the chromium plating process is not well done; the number of connecting threads should not be less than 3 teeth (too short, it is easy to leak, and even cause the nut connection to break), and there should be no broken teeth, dents and other defects on the surface; Some hoses use poor rubber and even smell. However, the current hoses are sold together with faucet products, and the hoses of good faucet manufacturers are divided into hot water pipes and cold water pipes, which are marked in red and blue. It is recommended to buy products with separate hot and cold water.

faucet hose
Please pay attention to the length when purchasing the hose. The length of the hose is divided into 200mm, 300mm, and 500mm. If the hose is too long, the worker will bend it during installation; if the hose is too short, the worker will tighten a few buckles during installation, resulting in fewer threads for the nut connection. For a long time, these two conditions will cause the tube to burst. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers first measure the distance from the faucet to the angle valve before purchasing, and then choose the appropriate length of hose according to their needs.

faucet hose
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