How to replace the hot and cold faucet
March 17 , 2021

In life, we often encounter problems with our faucet, but you don’t know how to change it. Today we will talk to you about how to replace the basin’s hot and cold water faucet. I hope it can help you.

1. Tools: a wrench. Method: Close the hot water valve and cold water valve under the basin for disassembly.

2. Use a wrench to remove the connecting screws between the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe and the faucet.

3. Remove the two rubber screws that fasten the faucet.

4. Remove the broken faucet. When purchasing a new faucet, ensure that the threads of the two pipelines are the same, and the center distance of the two pipelines must be equal, otherwise the installation will not match.

5. Put the new faucet on the installation position of the basin, and pay attention to put a rubber pad on the two pipes to prevent the water on the basin from flowing under the basin.

6. Tighten the plastic screw under the faucet to fix the faucet, and then connect the hot water pipe and cold water pipe to use.

7. Note: When purchasing a new faucet, the thread size should be the same, and the distance between the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe should be the same. The maximum opening size of the prepared wrench should be greater than 20mm.

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