Main technical performance requirements of Chinese and European standards for faucets.
July 25 , 2022
For faucets sealed with ceramic valve cores, except for the noise requirements, the Chinese standard (GB18145) is the same as the European standard (EN817). The following summarizes the technical requirements of the above two standards for ceramic valve core sealed faucets:
1. Sealing performance: the standard value pressure is 1.6MPa, keep 60S, the valve body has no deformation, no leakage, and the detected value is leakage.
2. Coating: Electroplating layer - 24 acid salt spray test, standard value 10
3. Body strength:
Water inlet 2.5MPa for 60 seconds
Water outlet 0.4MPa 60 seconds
4. Flow test
(1) The flow rate of the bathtub faucet is more than 20 liters/under the pressure of 0.3MPa;
(2) The flow rate of the washbasin, bidet, shower and kitchen faucet must be less than 9 liters/or less than 0.15L/s under the dynamic pressure of 0.1MPa.
5. Life test: supply cold water and hot water at the same time during the test, and the dynamic pressure of water supply is 0.3MPa.
(1) Single handle double control valve core: do 70,000 triangular or rectangular action life tests;
(2) Single-handle single-control and double-handle double-control valve cores do 200,000 life tests;
(3) Do 80,000 life tests on the swinging water outlet;
(4) Do 30,000 life tests on the water separator;
(5) Hot and cold cycle test: first complete the following three cycles
-20℃ 12h 95℃ 12h
Complete 450 more cycles of the following tests 80℃ 40S
Room temperature water 40S
6. The noise test is carried out under the dynamic pressure of 0.3MPa.
7. Torque test
(1) Strength test of connectors;
(2) Spool opening force test.

8. The warranty period of the faucet is generally 5 years.

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