Muslims and Islam - the customary cultural sources of hygiene and health
January 27 , 2022
The Qur'an says: "Allah loves the clean." "The Hadith" raised "cleanliness" to a very high position, and the Prophet said: "Cleanliness belongs to Imani (faith)." That said, cleanliness is part of faith. Humans have many religions, many cultures and civilizations. Today we talk about diversity and multiculturalism, but to raise cleanliness and hygiene to the height of belief, I think, only Islam.

Therefore, the daily life, religious life and cleanliness of Muslims are very closely integrated. We can say that we have five major religions in China (there are more religions in the world), which are the religions recognized by the national legal positioning. In fact, there are more than these, but whether it is the five major religions or more religions, The one most closely related to water is indeed Islam, and the one most closely related to religion and water is Muslims. Some of you have been to churches and temples, but you must not see a specific water house like a mosque—a house used to cleanse the body.

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