Overhead Shower of Bathroom Shower Sets Installation Steps
September 30 , 2021

You must pay great attention to the installation of the Bathroom Shower Sets. If it is installed carelessly or not in place, it will affect the water output effect of the shower and the comfort of our bathing life, especially the Overhead Shower, when installing it. Even more attention is needed. The following we will introduce you to the installation of the overhead shower.

Overhead Shower of Bathroom Shower Sets Installation Steps

1. Wrap the two elbow joints with the raw material belt and use an adjustable wrench to tighten them on the water outlet joints in the two mounting holes on the wall. After tightening, ensure that the center distance of the two elbow joints is 150mm.

2. Put the two decorative covers on the elbow joint;

3. Insert the installation washer into the elbow joint, and use a wrench to tighten the installation nut on the two elbow joints to fix the faucet on the wall.

4. Drill three holes with a diameter of 6mm and a depth of 35mm at a position about "H", from the water outlet connector of the faucet.

5. Drive expansion pipes into the mounting holes, and fix the wall base to the wall with self-tapping screws. Note: The wall base must be on the same center line as the faucet outlet joint.

6. Wrap the faucet with cloth before drilling to prevent the faucet from being soiled and bruised.

7. The height "H" should be determined according to the actual product during actual installation.

8. Insert the sealing ring into the lower end of the switching valve.

9. Tighten the lower end of the switching valve with the upper end of the faucet through threads.

10. Before drilling, wrap the faucet with a cloth to prevent the faucet from being soiled and bumped. Note: When tightening with a wrench, be careful not to damage the plating surface.

11. Screw one end of the shower rod and one end of the switching valve through threads (the end of the column shower rod must have a sealing ring).

12. Then put the decorative cover into the other end of the shower rod, then insert that end into the wall seat, lock the end with three set screws, and finally push the decorative cover to the wall.

13. After installation, turn on the water inlet switch and flush the pipeline thoroughly.

14. Connect the nut end of the shower hose to the connector behind the switching valve body. Connect the nut to the end of the hand-held shower and insert it into the shower seat (Note: the shower hose must have washers on both ends)

15. Tighten the top spray onto the shower rod.

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