Precautions for buying water inlet hoses.
August 22 , 2022
1. Inside the hose is rubber, stainless steel wire or aluminum wire outside, and use copper joints. You can feel the quality of the hose from some appearances. It feels, the grid is discharged messy;
2. If the joint is black or black, it means that the chrome -plated process is not done well;
3. The number of tooth connecting threads should not be less than 3 teeth (too short, it is easy to seal and cause water leakage, and even cause the nut connection at a break), the surface should not be defective, dental, etc.
4. Whether some hoses use poor rubber and whether there will be taste.
5. The hose is divided into hot water pipes and cold water pipes. It is recommended to buy products with cold and cold water.
6. Before buying, measure the distance from the faucet to the corner valve, and then select the hose with the right length according to the needs. The length of the hose is divided into 200mm, 300mm, and 500mm. If the hose is too long, the workers will bend it when installing; if the hose is too short, the workers will twist a few buckles during installation, resulting in less threads of the nut connection. Both of the past two situations will lead to explosive management.
7. The nut material is more than copper and stainless steel. The easily corrosive strength of zinc alloys or iron. The greater the nut, the better. The accuracy of the threads should reach the second level. Too pine lock force is low, and it is easy to fall off and cause water leakage.

8. The hose burst is mainly the problem of the joint. The connector includes the sleeve and core. The intensity of the joint depends on the strength of the set and core. The core material is copper or stainless steel. Both the sleeve and core are the larger the wall thickness. We can't see it in it. But we can see. If the thickness of the set is thinner, the pressure resistance is poor, and the easier it is to burst.

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