The materials and power supply of the induction sensor faucet
October 18 , 2021

Brass precision casting, precision chrome plating; single-hole base, aperture: ≥28mm

using electric:DC6V/AC110-220V (DC DC, AC AC, AC/DC dual purpose AC/DC)

When using 4 AA batteries, it can be used 300 times a day, and it can be used for about 2 years.

Sensing setting range:
Faucet: 15cm---55cm

Induction sensor faucet function:

When the hand enters the sensing range, the water will be automatically discharged, and the water will be automatically cut off when leaving to prevent malfunction due to obstacles placed in the sensing range. The water will be automatically cut off if the water is continuously discharged for more than one minute.

Function description of induction faucet control circuit board:
1. The indicator light flashes 3 times continuously after power on;
2. After the indicator light flashes, there is a water shut-off action;
3. Then enter the standby working state;
4. The water is flushed as soon as it enters the sensing range, and the water stops as soon as it leaves the sensing range. The confirmation time is less than 0.4 seconds.
5. Continuous induction for about 1 minute will automatically stop flushing, and then re-induction can return to normal after leaving;
6. The sensor faucet continuously senses for about 2 minutes, and the sensing distance will be automatically adjusted within the set range and shortened to no sense;
7. Without sensing for about 2 minutes continuously, the sensing distance will be adjusted to the best working condition;
8. When sensing, the indicator light flashes;
9. When the power supply voltage is lower than about 4.4V, it enters the low-voltage alarm state, and closes the solenoid valve, and does not open the solenoid valve until the alarm state is removed. When there is no induction, the indicator light flashes every 5 seconds or so, when there is induction, it flashes 3 times per second, and the alarm state is released after replacing the new battery;
10. When the sensing distance to the whiteboard reaches 30cm, the standby static average current is less than 50uA.

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