Triple faucet - how to pay attention when using triple faucet.
July 19 , 2022

Due to the increasing needs of people's daily life, the types of faucets have gradually become diversified. Now the most comprehensive faucet on the market should be the triple faucet. The triple faucet can realize the free control and adjustment of hot and cold water, and also has the function of a sprinkler. Therefore, the triple faucet can also be used in bathroom decoration. So, what should we pay attention to when using the triple faucet?

Triple faucet - classification of types of faucets
1. Single faucet: direct point means one in and one out, directly connected to one of the cold water pipe or the hot water pipe. Such as: single cold basin faucet and single cold dish basin faucet.
2. Double faucet: direct point means two in and one out, which is connected to two water inlet pipes of hot and cold water at the same time, mostly mixing faucets, faucets used on basins or washbasins, kitchen sinks and washbasins. hot and cold water mixing faucet. Such as: basin mixer taps and kitchen mixer taps.
3. Triple-type faucet: Direct point refers to two in and two out, which means that in addition to the two water inlet pipes of cold and hot water, it can also be connected to a shower nozzle, mainly used for bathtub faucets and shower faucets. Such as: bathtub faucet.
Triple faucet - precautions for the use of triple faucets
1. Pay attention to cleaning impurities during installation. When the triple faucet is installed, all kinds of impurities in the pipeline should be completely removed. Spool damage, jamming, clogging and leakage are avoided. At the same time, the surface should be cleaned so that no residues of building materials remain.
2. Do not use too much force when switching. For any kind of triple faucet products, there is no need to use excessive force when switching, just twist or toggle gently. Even triple faucets don't need to be screwed hard. In particular, do not use the handle as an armrest for support or use. Products equipped with a screen cover for the water outlet should be disassembled and rinsed to remove impurities after a period of use. Products equipped with a hose should pay attention to keep the hose in a natural stretch often so as not to break.
3. The triple faucet in the bathroom should be kept stretched. The metal hose of the showerhead of the triple faucet should be kept in a natural stretch, and should not be coiled around the faucet when not in use. At the same time, when in use or not, be careful not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the valve body, so as not to break or damage the hose.
4, pay attention to regular cleaning. The triple-type faucet that has not been used for a long time sometimes also has phenomena such as incomplete closing, leakage, loose handle, loose connection port and water leakage. Under normal circumstances, consumers can solve it by themselves.
The functions of the triple faucet are very comprehensive. It not only combines the functions of the traditional faucet, but also adds the function of the shower head, which can fully meet the needs of people in more aspects without the need to install additional faucets. Of course, the triple faucet can also be used in the kitchen, which is also very convenient, and you can freely adjust the size of the water flow and the heat and cold. As long as we pay more attention when using the triple faucet, we can effectively extend the service life of the triple faucet.

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