What is electroplating
November 15 , 2021
It refers to the process in which the metal cations in the plating solution are reduced to elemental metal and deposited on the surface of the cathode plating part under the action of the electron flow in the electrolysis process.
Brief description of the electroplating process of faucet

The first is ultrasonic dewaxing, and cathode electrolysis of oil. Electrolytic degreasing, activation, coarsening, post-recycling, neutralization, surface conditioning, presoaking, sensitization, acceleration, positive electrolysis, negative electrolysis, water washing, neutralization, acid copper, activation, cleaning, nickel plating, recycling, Cleaning, chrome plating, etc. Copper plating can make the electroplated layer get a more dense structure, and the tiny defects and small pinholes on the surface of the faucet can be covered up to achieve satisfactory results. The effect of nickel plating improves the corrosion resistance of the faucet surface and can be highly polished. Chrome plating prevents corrosion and maintains brightness, improves surface hardness and improves wear resistance. The quality of the electroplating surface treatment is judged by a 24-hour acetic acid salt spray test (the test equipment is a salt spray test machine) and a coating thickness gauge can be used to appraise the thickness of various metal coatings. Generally speaking, the thickness of the coating is up to the standard, and the salt spray test can pass. The appearance of electroplating quality shall be fully inspected by quality inspection and recorded.

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