What is the bidet shower?
September 11 , 2021

The bidet shower is a hand-held trigger nozzle that is placed near the toilet and sprays water for cleaning the anus and cleaning the genitals after using the toilet to defecate and urinate. The equipment is similar to the equipment on the kitchen sink sprayer. It is said that it was invented by a Thai living in the United States who converted the sink sprayer into a toilet.

kitchen sink sprayer

This kind of sanitary ware is a subdivision of the function of ordinary toilets. It is cleaned with running water to avoid secondary pollution of the basin, which changes people's traditional concept of cleansing and is more conducive to women's health.
The method of using the bidet spray gun is to squat on the bidet and adjust the water temperature with the spray gun. There are cold and hot water for selection and adjustment, and there are two outlets of direct spray and down spray, and then face it. Rinse the lower body.

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