What is the difference between 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel?
December 09 , 2021

1. Different composition:
Commonly used stainless steel plates are divided into two types, 201 and 304, which are actually different in composition. 201 stainless steel contains 15% chromium and 5% nickel. 201 stainless steel is an alternative to 301 steel. Standard 304 stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 9% nickel.

2. Different corrosion resistance:
201 is high in manganese, the surface is very bright with dark and bright, and high in manganese is easy to rust. 304 contains more chromium, the surface is matte and does not rust. Stainless steel is not easy to rust because the formation of chromium-rich oxides on the surface of the steel body can protect the steel body. 201 is a high-manganese stainless steel with a higher hardness than 304, high carbon and low nickel.

3. The main applications are different:
201 stainless steel has certain acid and alkali resistance, high density, no bubbles, no pinholes, etc. It is used to produce high-quality materials for various watch cases and watchband back covers. Mainly used to make decorative tubes, industrial tubes, and some shallow stretched products. 304 stainless steel has the characteristics of good processing performance and high toughness, and is widely used in industry and furniture decoration industry and food and medical industry.

304 stainless steel application range
304 stainless steel is the most widely used chromium-nickel stainless steel. As a widely used steel, it has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. It is resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere. If it is an industrial atmosphere or heavily polluted area, it needs to be cleaned in time to avoid corrosion. 304 stainless steel is a nationally recognized food-grade stainless steel.

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