What is the difference between ppr pipe and pvc pipe?
May 11 , 2022
The main difference between ppr and pvc pipes is that one is a water pipe and the other is a line pipe. ppr is a random copolymer polypropylene, which is a very popular water supply pipe at present. pvc is polyvinyl chloride, which is generally used for wire pipes and sewage pipes.
The second is the color difference. The materials used in the ppr tube have toughness, and the color of good quality is bright, and there is light milky yellow, and the color of poor quality is confusing. The pvc pipe is milky white, the material is relatively hard and brittle, the section is not shiny, but its surface is shiny.

Finally, the wall thickness also varies. Although the diameters of ppr and pvc pipes are the same, the ppr pipe is thicker than the pvc pipe in terms of the thickness of the pipe wall.

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