What is the function of the faucet filter?
August 15 , 2022
1. Filter and purify water. Filtration is the main function of the faucet filter element, which can completely remove residual chlorine in tap water, and remove sediment, rust, heavy metals, odor, bacteria and various harmful substances in tap water.

2. Adjust the acidity and alkalinity of water quality. Weak alkaline water is the most suitable healthy water for human drinking. The water quality of tap water itself has hardness and acidity and alkalinity. Too acid or too alkali will hinder human health. After using the faucet filter, it can be adjusted. The acidity and alkalinity of water.

3. Remove odor and mineralize water quality. The faucet filter element generally uses an activated carbon filter element, which can remove heavy metals such as residual chlorine and residual ammonia in the water, making the water sweeter. The effluent is rich in 58 kinds of minerals and trace elements needed by the human body, which can maintain the nutritional balance in the human body.

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