How to choose shower sets for your bathroom.
Jul 13, 2021
Check the plating quality

The quality of the electroplating layer of the shower head determines its appearance and longevity.Shower with good quality has multi-layer electroplating, the outer surface is flat and smooth, and the lines are beautiful, also it will not rust after many years of use. Showers with poor quality are dull in appearance, and some may be brighter, but the electroplating layer is thinner then the good one, and corrosion will appear after a period of use, which affects the appearance, and the rust is not good for our healthy. When choosing a shower, it is best to check the authoritative test report if it passed, so that the quality can be assured.
D&S shower sets
Check the materials

The main raw materials of shower heads are brass, alloys, etc. Of course, brass is the most good quality. However, the quality of brass are also different. The brass with high content has high hardness, less impurities, and is not easy to crack. Inferior brass has a relatively high content of other metals and many impurities, which may contain lead, it will do harmful to our body healthy. At present, there are several grades of brass, such as H38, H59, H62, etc. H62 copper has the best quality, strong corrosion resistance, strong and durable quality; H38 is the most poor quality, which contains less copper and more easier corroded, and the durable is low. When buying a shower, you can ask which grade of brass material it has.

Shower spout

The quality of the shower nozzle is also related to its service life. High-quality shower spouts always use high-quality silica gel as raw materials, which are environmentally friendly and healthy, not easy to block, and also more easier to clean. For poor-quality showers, the spout is made of ordinary plastic. The material is relatively hard, and it is easy to form scale, clogging the water outlet, the water is not smooth, and it is hard to clean. It will has an impact on health.

Pay attention to the cartridge

The cartridge is the heart of the faucet, it is very important. High-quality showers generally use high-strength ceramic valve cores, which have good sealing performance, high wear resistance, and are not easy to leak. Poor quality showers have poor valve core quality, which is prone to aging and wear, poor sealing, and with short service life. After a period of use time, water leakage or the faucet may looseness. When purchasing a shower, you should check and open the faucet and look at the valve core inside, or ask about the certificate of quality appraisal.
D&S shower sets
Shower pipe

The shower pipe is the most important part of the shower sets.It should also be paid attention to when choosing. The thicker the wall of the shower pipe has then the better quality and the more durable it is. The general thickness about 0.6~1.0 mm, and the diameter of the shower pipe is about 20-25 mm. In addition, the inner and outer walls of the shower pipe must be smooth, the workmanship need to be meticulous, and also corrosion-resistant, so that the service life will last more longer.

D&S shower sets

Finally, when purchasing a shower, you should also pay attention to some details, such as the flexibility of the lifter, the material of the hose, the anti-wrap design, etc. The details determine the comfort of use, so be careful when choosing.

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