What are the faucet accessories?
Aug 22, 2022

The faucet has accessories. What are the faucet accessories?

1. Single -control valve core, mainly control the water flow of the faucet, control it through rotation. The maximum rotation is 90 degrees. Its main composition materials are copper materials, of which 59%are lead brass, and a small amount of ceramic sheets are also a small amount of ceramic slices O -type ring made of silicone. Another is the single -handle dual -control valve core. Its maximum rotation angle is also 90 degrees, and the opening angle is 25 degrees. The same single -handle dual -control valve core, the maximum rotation angle is 90 degrees, and the opening angle is 25 degrees.

2. The filter element is mainly used as a special tool for purifying water. Generally, the faucet is used. There are many types of filter elements and different materials. Different uses have different types and materials.

3, rubber parts, generally O -type circles, mainly play a sealing role, there are two types of dynamic sealing and static sealing. There are Y -shaped circles and rubber pads.

4. The hose is mainly the hose of water inlet.

5. Installation, including M8 single -control horseshoe pads, M6 double -hole horseshoe pads, and M6 double -hole increased horseshoe pads.
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