What is a faucet aerator? what's the effect?
Aug 08, 2022

Conserving water resources is something that everyone should do in our daily life. In addition to paying attention to behavioral measures, we must also keep up with hardware facilities, such as faucet aerators. Do you know what a faucet aerator is? Does it work?

1. What is a faucet aerator
The principle of the bubbler is actually very simple, that is, it can fully mix the water and air flowing through it, so that the water flow has the effect of foaming. Use water. Generally, the water flow of high-end faucets is soft and comfortable like mist, and it can also filter impurities in the water, and it will not splash around.
2. The function of the faucet aerator
1. Water saving
The bubbler can fully mix the water and air flowing through it to form a foaming effect, improve the flushing force, and thus reduce the water consumption. The faucet with the bubbler can save about 50% of water compared with the faucet without the device. .
2, splash-proof, noise reduction
After mixing in the air, the water flow is soft, the impact force is reduced, the water column after buffering is uniform, and the water column vertically reduces the splash.
3. Filter
The multi-layer filter screen can filter most of the sediment and impurities, and the internal grid can filter large particles of impurities (occasionally blocked and needs to be cleaned).
4. Constant water flow/water output
With pressure compensation or flow limiting device (common in showers), it can ensure a certain water output when the water pressure is too low, limit the water output when the water pressure is too high, and stabilize the water output when the water pressure is unstable.

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