Advantages of pull-out faucets
April 09 , 2021

The fixed faucet and hand spray mode of the pull-out faucet can be switched at will. When we need to wash our hair or need to clean the sink, we can pull out the faucet and switch to hand spray mode, which is convenient for us to rinse the foam on the head and the dead corners of the sink. Generally, the pull-out faucet hose can be freely drawn to 60cm using the principle of a gravity ball, which can meet the length of our different water needs. Moreover, some pull-out faucets have also added a bubbler setting, which not only ensures the skin-friendly and delicate feeling of the water flow, but also does not cause the trouble of splashing everywhere. So it is very convenient to use and more water-saving, the highest water saving can reach about 30%

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