Classification of bathtub faucet
April 01 , 2021

Bathtub faucets are divided into two types, one is a shower faucet, which is installed above the shower room and generally has a mixed control function of cold and heat. According to the form, it is divided into wall-mounted shower and hose-type flower. Sprinkler, household use is basically a hose-type shower, so you can hold it in your hand at any time. The public bathroom is selected according to the situation, most of which are built-in showers, which will protect the faucet more. Some high-end shower faucets will also have a thermostatic control function.

The other is the bathtub faucet,It is installed on one side of the bathtub, there will also be a hot and cold mixing control switch. Most of the materials are ceramic valve cores. The valve body of the faucet is generally made of brass, which can prevent leakage and wear.

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