How to match the color of the washbasin and faucet in the bathroom
July 06 , 2021

1. If you want to match the washbasin and faucet in the bathroom to look good, the easiest way is to buy the original one. The original match will always look better than your own mix and match.

2. In addition, you will find a problem, no matter which washbasin, stainless steel faucet is the most common, so stainless steel faucet is the most versatile, basically suitable for washbasins on the market.

3. The other is black and white. The washbasin is generally made of white ceramics. In addition to stainless steel faucets, of course you can choose black faucets, black and white, and if the basin is black, you can choose white faucets.

4. In addition, it is decided according to the style of your home. For example, if your home is Chinese style, you can buy Chinese faucets for matching. American styles are based on American styles, which are usually bronze.

5. The bathroom faucet has various colors, and the most common is the stainless steel color. Of course, you can choose according to your own preferences, and there is no one. As long as the chromatic aberration is not too great. If the washbasin is an uncommon color, then the faucet can be selected according to the color of the washbasin.

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