How to remove the hot and cold faucet handle
July 20 , 2021

Because of the frequent use of domestic hot and cold water faucets, leaking is the most common problem, but not all leaking faucets need to be replaced completely. Saving resources and saving money is our virtue in Greater China. In fact, replacing a faucet valve that costs a few dollars The core can save the water leakage phenomenon, so the following we will explain in detail the replacement and repair steps of the hot and cold water mixing faucet valve core.

1.Preliminary preparations

If the spool is broken, we need to buy one to replace it. The new spool must match your faucet. Under normal circumstances, which brand of faucet you buy, you can buy the spool in the store of this brand, and you can basically buy it. Prepare a flat-head or Phillips screwdriver, or Allen wrench, according to the screws of your own faucet, a pair of needle-nose pliers, and a knife.

2.Remove the hot and cold water button

Before replacing the spool, find the water source switch of the faucet, and then turn it off to avoid spraying water when replacing it. Then find the button or the plastic cap, and gently pry it off with a small blade, so that you can see the screws inside.

3.After turning on the hot and cold water button, look at the shape of the screw, whether it is a flat or cross-shaped screw, or a hexagonal screw, and then decide which screwdriver or Allen wrench to use. Remove the screw in the hole with a screwdriver, and then the handle of the faucet can be removed.

4.Unloading the spool

After removing the handle, you can see the inner spool. Some spools have a fixed shell cover. Just remove the cover. Then you can see the clamp that fixes the spool. There are generally four claws on the clamp. Use needle-nose pliers to clamp the two claws, and then rotate clockwise to remove the clamp.


After removing the clip, you can remove the broken valve core, and then install the new valve core, reverse the previous steps, reinstall the other components, install the faucet handle, and punch the card. Water source valve, try to see if there is water leakage, lock the handle when there is no problem, and install the cold and hot water plastic cap.

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