Several types of joints in the faucet
March 28 , 2022

The faucet joints are classified according to the nominal diameter of the interface. The nominal diameter is neither the outer diameter nor the inner diameter. This is because the pipe wall of the metal pipe is very thin, and the outer diameter of the pipe is almost the same as the inner diameter of the pipe, so the outer diameter of the pipe is the same as that of the pipe. The average value of the inner diameter is used as the name of the pipe diameter. The international standard for the application of metal pipe water supply systems was developed during the heyday of the British Empire in history, and the size of this standard is based on inches. The pipe threads (threads) and faucet standards in the relevant standards have been used to this day, and the colloquial language also uses "four-point pipe", "six-point pipe", "one-inch pipe" and so on. 4 points and 6 points are imperial units. One inch is divided into 8 parts. 4 points and 6 points represent 4/8 inches and 6/8 inches. 19.05mm faucet joints, general household faucets are 4 points, 6 points.

general household faucets

Faucet joints can be divided into: external thread end-connection faucet joints, card sleeve faucet joints, and self-fixing faucet joints according to the way of use. The external thread end connection type faucet joint is made of die-cast zinc alloy material, and the surface is galvanized, sanded, or chrome-plated; the structure is compact, no air holes, and high strength.

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