Teach you how to disassemble the kitchen faucet
March 14 , 2022

Let's take a look at the detailed steps of the kitchen faucet disassembly diagram:

Tools: small wrench (pliers if not available), Phillips screwdriver, fruit knife, old towel;
Material: faucet rubber gasket or small ceramic piece;

Turn off the water gate of the house, usually next to the water meter. There will be a small gate under some washing dishes, it is more convenient to use this small gate;
Drain the remaining water in the faucet, and place an old towel next to it to prevent the water from flowing everywhere after the faucet is disassembled;
Use a fruit knife to gently pry off the protective sheet on the handle, this small sheet is usually put on or glued on;
The protective sheet is removed, a thin and flat piece, like a button;

Unscrew the screw fixing the handle with a screwdriver;

Remove the tap handles. The handle is fitted with the longitudinal tooth pattern, and can be pulled out directly with a little force;
Unscrew with a small wrench or pliers and remove the shaft;

This is the removed shaft, the red one is the rubber gasket, just replace it. And my faucet was replaced a year ago, and the gasket was still dripping, so I replaced the two small tiles under the rubber ring.

The small ceramic piece under the gasket is visually intact, but it does not leak when it is replaced with a new one, and I don't understand why.

The left side of the tile is placed at the bottom, and the right side is placed on top. As shown in the picture, the front and back sides must not be reversed, otherwise the water will not be closed.

Install the components back according to the original steps, and open the gate to test the water.

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