Technical parameters and indicators of the faucet
May 23 , 2022
The main technical parameters
1. Operating pressure: 0.05Mpa-0.5Mpa
2. Recommended pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.5Mpa
3. Cold water supply temperature: 5℃-29℃
4. Hot water supply temperature: 55℃-85℃
5. Water temperature range: 20℃-50
6. Set safety button: 38℃
7. Safety parameters: cold water supply is lost, the water output in the first 5 seconds is automatically reduced to 1.9L/Min, the outflow is less than 150Ml and the outflow temperature is less than 49 °C
Main Specifications
1. Working water pressure: 0.1MPa ~ 0.5MPa; water pressure: ≥1.05MPa;
2. Cold and hot water inlet pressure difference: ≤20%;
3. Inlet water temperature: hot water 32℃~80℃; cold water 4℃~29℃;
4. Temperature adjustment range: 32°C ~ 42°C (resolution 1°C, the range can be adjusted appropriately according to requirements, over-temperature temperature can reach 48±2°C); temperature control accuracy: ±2°C;
5. Temperature control speed: ≤ (2s/℃﹢5s);
6. Delayed water off time: 60s;
7. Protection class: control panel/IP68; control box/IP54;

8. Maximum working power consumption: ≤12W.

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