What is a foot-operated faucet how is works?
June 06 , 2022

The foot-operated faucet is composed of a main valve, an auxiliary valve and a hydraulic pipe. Specifically, it refers to a foot-operated hydraulic control water valve that controls its opening and closing through the water pressure of the pipeline itself. Its main purpose is to overcome the shortcomings of the existing mechanical water valve, which requires hand contact to operate, which is easy to cause disease infection, and the inductive water valve has a complex structure, hidden dangers of electricity consumption and waste of electricity.

design principle
The foot-operated faucet uses the principle of pressure difference to control the switch of the faucet by foot.
The foot-operated hydraulic control water valve is composed of a main valve, an auxiliary valve and a hydraulic pipe.
Functional configuration
A foot faucet composed of main valve, auxiliary valve, foot controller and hydraulic pipe.
working principle
Folded to prevent cross infection
The water outlet and shut off are completed by foot switch and control valve, no need to touch any part with hands, effectively avoiding bacterial cross infection. Water saving: When using, step on the foot pedal, the control valve will automatically discharge water, release it after use, and the water will be automatically closed, so it saves more water resources.

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