What is the difference between a pure water faucet and an ordinary faucet?
May 18 , 2022

As a purifying faucet equipment, its function is to essence water quality, and before the popularization of the purifying faucet market, we should have all heard of one product: ordinary faucet. When using ordinary faucets, our water resources have not been polluted so seriously, and it is more than enough to use ordinary faucets, but after our water resources are polluted, our use of ordinary faucets has no effect. So what is the difference between the purifying faucet and the ordinary faucet, and what is the principle of the faucet water purifier? If you are interested, you might as well learn the specific situation first.

What is the difference between the pure water faucet and the ordinary faucet:

First of all, the most intuitive difference between them is the scope of use. From this point of view, the scope of use of the water purifier is slightly smaller. It can still achieve a good effect on the filtration of drinking water, but it cannot achieve the effect of water purification in the whole house. That is to say, its net water volume is relatively small and cannot meet the domestic water supply. The faucet water purifier is different. It filters directly from the faucet, which can intercept some impurities in the water. However, it is in direct contact with the water in the faucet, so the water pressure is quite large, and it is also relatively easy to cause some problems of secondary pollution and inadequate purification.
Secondly, the control method is completely different. The household water purifier is generally equipped with a control valve head, which can regularly flush the filter element in the filter housing to flush out the intercepted impurities to ensure the purification effect. The faucet water purifier cannot be used repeatedly for a long time, because the impurities it intercepts will cause the filter element to block, and once the internal impurities are blocked too much, there is no way to ensure the filtering effect, and it may make the water more dirty. Instead, it is self-defeating.

The most significant difference is that the filter material and the rating of the filter level are different. First of all, let’s talk about the filter material. Generally speaking, water purifiers have multiple purification filter elements such as activated carbon, PP cotton, ultrafiltration membrane, T33, resin activated carbon, and activated carbon. The minimum also has 3 levels of filtering. But is the faucet water purifier different? It is just a single device with only one PP cotton filter element inside.
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