Why tap handles almost use zinc material?
January 21 , 2022
After surface treatment, it has bright luster and soft hand feel. Although it is corroded by sweat and moisture, it is not easy to discolor and rust. The die-cast copper handle lock is relatively thick and the price is moderate, while some low-quality zinc alloy handle locks are easier to break when used. Because the surface of the zinc alloy handle lock is copper-plated, it is not easy to distinguish it from the copper die-cast handle lock when purchasing. The knife slammed on the bottom plate of the two handle locks instead. The brass-colored one is a uranium die-casting handle lock, and the silver-white one is a zinc alloy handle lock.
Zinc alloy handle is not only simple and elegant in structure, fashionable and elegant in shape, convenient and beautiful in installation, but also has strong artistic, decorative and usability, and is the first choice for cabinets, wardrobes and drawers. At present, the most widely used zinc alloy handle on the market has the following six characteristics:
1. Strong market competitiveness: Zinc alloy has the characteristics of low melting point, good casting performance, high yield and low production cost. Therefore, zinc alloy handle has the advantages of high quality and price compared with handles of other materials. Strong market competitiveness.
2. Diverse colors: Zinc alloy handles are surface-treated to form a series of colors such as gold, silver, black antique copper, and bronze.
3. Durable and environmentally friendly: Zinc alloy handle has strong stain resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hard texture, and is not easy to fade, not easy to rust.
4. Simple maintenance: If there is a slight scratch, it can be removed by wiping it with water abrasive paper and toothpaste.
5. Beautiful appearance: Zinc alloy handle, exquisite shape, thick feel, fine workmanship, noble and elegant quality.
6. Changeable styles: aluminum alloy handles have various shapes and styles, including antique style, European style, pastoral style, modern minimalist style, and Chinese classical style.

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