How to choose faucet cartridges
Sep 17, 2021

At present, the valve cores of faucets sold on the market mainly have three common materials: ceramic, stainless steel, roller type, etc. The quality and advantages of faucet cartridges made of different materials are different:
Ceramic valve core: Because of its affordable price, low water pollution, good wear resistance, good sealing performance, and the improvement of "brittleness", ceramic valve cores are widely used. In general, the ceramic valve core plays a very good sealing role. Due to the relatively strong foreign technical strength, some imported ceramic chips have relatively better sealing performance, stable physical properties, wear resistance and long service life. At present, most of the mainstream faucets produced by most well-known brand sanitary ware manufacturers on the market have adopted ceramic valve cores.

faucet cartridges

Roller spool: Its advantages are smooth handle rotation, easy and simple operation, comfortable and easy hand feeling, aging resistance and abrasion resistance. However, as an old-fashioned cartridge, the roller cartridge has been gradually unable to meet the needs of the current population for the spool, so it will be gradually eliminated by the market. Roller cartridges are rarely seen in the leading brands produced by major brands.

faucet cartridges

Stainless steel ball valve: It is currently a leading valve core with high technological content. Some high-end bathroom brands use irregular seven-hole steel ball valve cores processed by laser technology as the valve cores of their latest faucet products. Industry insiders also believe that this valve core is more suitable for areas with poor water quality, because it is not affected by impurities in the water and will not shorten its service life. Moreover, the handle of the steel ball valve core has a larger angle in the area where the water temperature is adjusted, which can accurately control the water temperature, ensure that the hot water flows out quickly and accurately, and save energy. However, the production cost of the stainless steel ball valve core is higher than that of other types of valve cores. At the same time, the manufacturing process requirements are more refined, which is suitable for applications in places with poor water quality.

Stainless steel ball valve

Precautions for purchasing faucet cartridges
When choosing a faucet cartridge, no matter which type of cartridge you choose, if you want to choose high-quality products, you must pay more attention to the purchase process:
1. When purchasing, you can switch the faucet handle repeatedly, and use your hands to feel whether there is any resistance in the middle of the switch. Under normal circumstances, it is better to not feel obstructed.
2. When the spool is left and right, it can be judged by feeling. When the cartridge is left and right, it is "idling", the hand feel is very light, and there is no resistance.
3. Use the index finger and middle finger to gently clamp the handle of the faucet and move it up and down, left and right, and observe whether it is flexible and not loose, whether it has a blocking feel, whether there is an oil damping feel, and whether it is flexible without looseness and no blocking feel. The heavy oil damping feel shows that the faucet cartridge you choose is a high-quality product.

4. Try to choose a regular manufacturer to buy, don't underestimate the faucet valve core, which determines the length of the faucet service life to a certain extent!

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