Introduction the Principles of Time-delay Faucets
Oct 09, 2021
There are many types of delay faucets, including mechanical ones and infrared ones. The time delay faucet has the characteristics of time delay, self-closing, sanitation, free from hydraulic restrictions, and significant water saving effect of 50%. Just press it once or when the body is close, the faucet will turn on, and it will automatically turn off after leaving, which is convenient and avoids cross-contamination. However, the disadvantage of the delay faucet is that it generally cannot adjust the amount of water arbitrarily and does not have a self-locking function. The delay time is also fixed, and the water is often stopped before the hands are cleaned. It is very inconvenient to use. Otherwise, the people leave and the faucet has not been turned off, resulting in a waste of water resources, and the scope of application is limited. sex.

The principle of time-delay faucet-what is the principle of time-delay faucet
The time-delay faucet is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand is placed in the infrared area of the faucet, the infrared light emitted by the infrared transmitting tube is reflected to the infrared receiving tube due to the blocking of the human hand, and the signal is processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit. For the pulse solenoid valve, the solenoid valve receives the signal and then opens the spool according to the specified instruction to control the water from the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared delay range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset by the internal spring. Control the turning off of the faucet.

AC and DC power supply, battery backup, water when hand is extended, water is stopped when hand is closed, especially water saving, water switch is automatically completed by the delay device, without touching the faucet, which can effectively avoid bacterial cross-infection, the machine is controlled by a microcomputer, according to the basin The shape determines the best delay distance, no manual adjustment is required. It also has a 1-minute overtime washing and water stop function to avoid waste of water resources due to foreign objects within the delay range for a long time. DC uses 4 AA alkaline batteries, which are used every day 1000 times, 2 years without battery replacement, built-in filter mechanism to prevent impurities from entering the electromagnetic valve, easy to clean, beautiful appearance, firm structure, suitable for crowded places.

The principle of the delayed faucet is temporarily introduced here. One of the biggest effects of delayed faucets is to save water. When the delay faucet has obstructions, infrared rays can be felt. So the water can flow out from the tap in time. When the obstruction leaves the sight of the faucet, the delayed faucet will automatically shut down and the water can't flow out. So the delay faucet is very environmentally friendly.

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