What kind of quick-opening faucet is much better?
October 09 , 2021
Quick-open faucet is a commonly used in domestic water system. In the market, from plastic, iron, zinc alloy to brass, the price is different. Plastics are the cheapest, and brass quick-opening faucets are more expensive. Now the mainstream quick-opening leading materials in the market are zinc alloy and brass. You need to believes that it is more cost-effective to choose brass materials. The price of the quick-opening faucet of the same brand, the price of zinc alloy and copper quick-opening faucet, is about 3 or 5 dollars, but the quality difference between the two is very big. All regular manufacturers have a one-year shelf life for zinc alloy quick-opening faucets, and for a well-known brand quick-opening faucet, they have a shelf life of 3 or even 5 years.
Quick-opening faucet material: plastic, iron, brass and zinc alloy;
Quick-opening faucet surface: electroplating, wire drawing and green bronze
Scope of application of quick-opening faucet: Due to its hygienic and convenient features, it is suitable for family use, and also suitable for sanitary installation and modern home use in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, medical institutions, star-rated public toilets, etc.
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